Using Solar Energy within our Homes


solar cells attached on the roofs are used to gather energy directly from the sunSolar panels are popping up more and more around the country. Both existing homeowners and new build property developers can take advantage of this energy saving technology, which can, in the long run, reduce bills and even generate income by the sale of power back to the National Grid. A solar energy system for a single house can save over a tonne of carbon dioxide annually simply by converting daylight into power. The government's Green Deal enables existing homeowners to take advantage of the installation of solar roof panels while many new build properties come with them already installed and use of solar power has doubled in the UK over the last year alone. It has recently even been suggested by experts that by 2020, the country could be generating 40% of its power on sunny days from renewable solar energies with around 10 million properties having the panels fitted.

Property developers are constantly looking for new ways to harness solar energy in new build properties. Orientation of homes is one simple way to increase the amount of energy produced, with new buildings being sited in order to optimise the solar gain from their position. Designers and builders are even beginning to overcome the problems of harnessing solar energy during the winter by producing homes that can collect solar power during summer and store it by heating the ground beneath the house ready for it to be retrieved via heat pump during colder months. South facing windows that feature triple glazing can take advantage of solar energy to heat rooms and reduce energy.